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The Sierra Nevada is recognized for its organic coffees, which are the result of the select tradition held by the indigenous communities that inhabit the region. This coastal massif stands on its snowy peaks at an altitude of 5,775 meters at sea level, its biodiversity allows the coffee to have characteristics with high body, good grain size, pronounced aroma, and prominent notes of chocolate and toasted almonds. In addition, it has a pairing tree that allows sommeliers, chefs and baristas to create new flavors and concepts around this origin.



The department of Cundinamarca is located on the eastern Andes. The coffee zone is concentrated mainly in the western slope of the Eastern Cordillera, and a smaller proportion in its eastern slope, frequent periods of rain, warm weather, humidity , air currents and fruit trees that give shade crops, make the region an ideal ecosystem, the height of crops is between 1200 to 1800 meters at sea level, resulting in a soft coffee that is characterized by aromas fruit and floral, medium acidity and pronounced body, present citrus notes and the sweet that is accentuated according to its acid.



Huila coffee is one of the most recognized regional cafes in Colombia, since 2010 has developed an important space as a leader in specialty coffee at the national level. The department has 37 municipalities of which 35 specialize in the cultivation and processing of coffee that bears its name, grows amidst the central and eastern ramifications of the Andes mountain range. The height of the area is above 1,500 meters at sea level. It is characterized by a balanced global impression, with sweet notes, acidity and medium / high body, fragrance and intense aroma, with fruity and caramelised sensations, which has forged its national and international reputation for a long time.