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Industrias Químicas ALH S.A.S


It is a company established for the development of products, emphasized in the industry of cleaning and high disinfection with a range of products of high quality and effectiveness.

Our products comply with the required standards in those industries that require it as: food plants, clinics, hospitals, schools, gardens, nursing homes, hotels, industrial laundries, etc.

The main objective of our company is to offer products of high quality and friendly with the environment; since our products are designed for this purpose, with new technologies such as fully biodegradable and enzymatic products focused on different industries.



Moisture Meter for Grains

Equipment specialized in humidity measurement in a wide variety of grains and cereals, high precision sensors, which guarantee the fidelity of the measurement.

SOFTWARE designed to manage the mapping and verification of sensors.

Data logging and computer management, includes sensor calibration section.

Used by grain producers and traders.


1) Best selling price of grain.

2) Quality control of the product guaranteeing the measurement

3) Improvement in product quality.

4) Decrease in transportation costs



The purpose of creating a NEW TRAPPED CAFÉ PLANT arises from the idea of ​​its main shareholder, Mr. JOSE ALEXANDER RAMIREZ, who through his company SERINTEGRALES S.A.S. which has more than ten years of experience and dedicated to the provision of integral services in the area of ​​maintenance, design and manufacture of machinery.


Comply with the parameters and standards required by the regulations in Colombia and abroad, in relation to Coffee Quality standards in Almond, with the right machinery, which seeks the best benefit of the product.


Acquire to expand, acquiring technology and machinery that provide all coffee growers, exporters and other sectors of the coffee industry, achieve the best grain selected, within the standards and quality standards.



We are a company with more than ten years of experience and dedicated to the provision of integral services in the area of ​​maintenance, design and manufacture of agricultural and industrial machinery offering services of the highest quality and at a fair price.


We are a leading company in the field of maintenance and integral projects, offering services to any industry, business or private, applying the highest quality standards to all our services. With equipment and state-of-the-art technology, in all our processes we work with the best quality materials, obtaining a product according to your need.


General objective

Provide companies with a comprehensive solution to their multiple design, maintenance and other requirements.